Our Impact

Our Impact

Since 2002, we have in different ways touched the lives of hundreds of children in FCT, Nigeria. Below are highlights of our successes:

CSC_0977 copyOver 600 Pre-schoolers.
…have been helped by our pre-school/ nursery programs, helping them transit to graders in the quest for academic recognition and empowerment.

More than 700 graders
… have acquired universal basic reading skills, writing, and mastery of subject content at elementary school with social and basic skills for entry to junior secondary program.

Over 100 children with learning difficulties
… have gone through our remedial program witnessing dramatic comeback in their school work, many fully integrated and moving on to pursue their secondary school program.

More than 1000 children
…have been reached with inspiring message of Christian faith, challenging kids to imbibe values that will change their lives for the better.

Over 150 Children from low income homes.
…have earned scholarships in various ways thereby giving them a chance at quality education.

Shalom Academy
…through its foundation has touched the lives of orphans and vulnerable children including kids from severely underprivileged homes. Currently, there are kids who enjoy full scholarship.

We also appreciate donations from individuals, groups and corporate bodies to make contributions to early childhood education in Nigeria. Check out our contact info to get information on how makes contributions.

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Employment opportunities
….Shalom academy have created conducive working environment for teachers and provided jobs in the Abuja community since 2002.

Skill Sharpening
Equipping children with dynamic skills and mastery in different cultural and creative sectors.