Get Involved

Get Involved


Become a Partner/Volunteer

At Shalom Academy we enjoy working with individuals, groups and corporate bodies.
There’s so much to do and learn at SHALOM. We have interesting buzzing activities that match your abilities ranging from blogging, class decoration, teaching prep, health, club services to fundraising and event planning.
Visit our school or check out our contact info page and inform us of your desire to partner with us.

Become a Fundraiser

We appreciate persons and groups who take it upon themselves to raise funds for the school. Perhaps, you can partake in raising funds for Shalom Projects by yourself, with your organization, family, colleagues or any group with which you share common interest. You can be the first to get a new project going.

In Nigeria, partners and donors can send funds through any of the following ways:


First bank Plc

Account name: Shalom Children Academy

Account Number: 2022011219

Credit & debit Card

Click here to use our secure payment portal

Money order

In progress not operational yet.

Here are some compelling needs we hope to address in the coming months:

  Mini Computer lab

We hope to strengthen the computer program in our school. You can donate a computer lab, one computer or pitch-in whatever amount you can.

–          You can fund a Computer lab for ($8000) or One computer for ($450)

   Book collection, Furniture and Mini-Library

 By donating exciting books for preschoolers and graders, we can expose their minds to a whole new world, helping them make dramatic decision in their future careers and in turn be great contributors to the community at large.

–          You can fund a collection of books for ($50), school furniture ($250), or a library for ($1000).

You can also mail books to the address below:

Plot S-27, Federal Housing, Phase 2, Hausa way, Karu-Abuja, Nigeria.
Telephone (+234) 8055242302, (+234) 8064873400

   New School Building Block

At inception, we built preschool, nursery and grade 1-6 classrooms. Junior secondary is underway as we look forward to your contribution.

 You may also want to help support some of our ongoing projects such as, construction works around the school and proposed secondary school complex. This proposed building will stand as a memorial in honor of the founding directors, DENNY AND GLADYS OGBUEFI, who laid the first foundation for the school.

 Donate here to Support the GLAD-DENNY BUILDING BLOCK Initiative in Karu-Abuja, Nigeria. It is our dream to provide well furnished and fully equipped classrooms for our children.

Let us achieve together.