Nursery and Primary School Curriculum

Much of what we teach is based on the National Curriculum of our host nation Nigeria. In addition, elements of Montessori entwinede copy with Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) form the core of our nursery program.

Using compelling curriculum and diagnostic testing, we have found a way of challenging children to attain academic glory.

Our subjects are reviewed and tailored to address the compelling needs of our children in line with the national curriculum. Our classes are delivered in English. French is a necessary course for children from Grade 1 to 6 and then in Junior Secondary School.

Senior management and head teachers bring together their experiences to achieve the strategic objectives of the school. Because the education system in Nigeria is very rigorous with class work, quiz and homework, our curriculum can be very intensive.

Children are encouraged to read and write at a very young age. We achieve this through the learning-to-read program. From grade classes, children are accustomed to routine and significant quantity of class exercises.

School work will intensify in Grade 5 and 6 as preparatory program for entry to Junior Secondary program.

Extracurricular activity is a strong feature of our school. These include club specials, excursions, music coaching, art, debates and spelling bee. Our children have featured in the music carol, national television contest, spelling bee competition and essay competition.

Junior Secondary School Curriculum

In line with the Federal Government of Nigeria, there is a 9-year Universal Basic Educational program beginning from Primary 1 to 6DSC03038 copy and then ends Junior Secondary.

The core subjects include: English, Mathematics, social studies, Physical Health Education, Business Studies, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Home Economics, Agricultural Science, CRK/IRK, Computer studies, Nigerian Languages, French, Civic Education and Creative Arts.

You can contact us using the information below:

Shalom Children Academy,
Admin block. Plot S-27; Shalom Children Academy, Federal Housing, Phase 2, Hausa way, Karu-Abuja. Telephone (+234) 8055242302, (+234) 8064873400
Tutor for Admissions (Miss. Faith Ojone Aduku)