Jet Club

Jet club exposes students to science and technology concepts: highlighting Ground-breaking theories, discoveries, inventions and innovative ideas that inspire kids to dream big and influence their career path.


Young Home Makers Club

Young Home Markers Club is committed to developing life-building skills in our little angels, engaging them in different activities designed to introduce them to a wide variety of home activities. We also hope to enable them understand their own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.


Press and Debating club

Press and debate club is a meeting of sharp minds, kids, where topical issues are fleshed out and discussed. Debate Club brings in the best arguments and lets readers decide which argument is the most persuasive.


Barney Club

Barney club provide great school-fun-care for children of nursery and early primary school age. They can play, be creative and meet friends in a safe and friendly environment.


Young Farmers Club

Young farmers club trains students on how to manage farms, get acquainted with different farming techniques which is aimed at making information available on agricultural break through to improve students’ knowledge.


School of Music

At shalom music school, children are coached by professional tutors who engage them in Fun-filled training and entertainment, music skill acquisition and performing art abilities.