About Us

About Us

DSC_0916 copy      Shalom Children Academy is a leading school in the karu suburb of Abuja, Nigeria. Since 2002, we provide academic opportunities for children from diverse backgrounds. Shalom is duly certified by the Ministry of Education.

Hundreds of children come to Shalom Academy for pre-nursery, primary and Junior secondary programs.

              The Director with senior management, principal, head teachers and staff bring together ideas and experiences to achieve the overall objectives of the school.

History and Location

              Shalom Academy is located in the Federal Housing district Phase II, Karu suburb, more than 10 kilometers North East from the Abuja main city of Nigeria. This district is an area with a range of subdivision apartment developments.


              As part of our school mission, we are committed to building lasting peace and prosperity through early childhood education in Nigeria and beyond.

School standards

              The school is certified by the Ministry of Education for its Universal Basic Education program, facility and general services. Since 2002, over 800 kids have been helped by our academic program, helping them transition from preschool, elementary to secondary and then higher education. Shalom has a proud tradition of achievement.


              Our School program incorporate elements of Montessori, self-instructional materials, national school curriculum of host nation Nigeria, mastery of subject content, education field trips and rudiments of Accelerated Christian Education at different levels.

              Exciting opportunities both inside and outside the classroom engender discussion and debate. Using technology, trips, and workshops, our kids explore their passions, discover new interests and learn how to work independently and as a team. As a result, our children aim high and are ambitious in the pursuit of their academic goals.


DSC_3205 copyOur Values and Objectives

              Each staff member and volunteer of Shalom Children Academy believes in the values that,” Either at home or at work, we strive to uphold in our endeavor”.

  • Love:  In the spirit of love, we strive to make our learning center a place where children find inspiration to realize their academic dreams. Helping children helping themselves.
  • Peace: We endeavor to inspire in children and in ourselves the kind of peace that make learning truly enjoyable, which in turn helps children cultivate a spirit of togetherness.
  • Dignity: If from childhood a man’s dignity is protected, he forms the right image of himself, and of the world. Here at shalom, we are committed to helping children discover the gifts and talents God gave them for dignified service to humanity.
  • Excellence:  Excellence is not just an act but a habit; we believe children become the best they can be when they embrace excellence. We strive to instill the belief in kids that with God’s help excellence is their own.
  • Integrity: We aspire to live to the highest standards of truthfulness and behavior; we strive never to compromise our reputation and always try to act in the best interests of children.
  • Faith: We believe all children are endowed by God inalienable rights. Our children believe God is their hope, help and basis of existence. We believe in God-centered education…reaching children for Jesus Christ.