Bad parenting refers to the mistakes most parents do, knowingly or unknowingly while bringing up their children. These mistakes are such that could harm a child as he/she grows up in life. Some parents become too busy with other responsibilities that eat up the time they need to learn how to be an effective parent.

As a parent, one should understand that parental roles demand Involvement and sacrifice thus your duty as a good parent is far above the provision of things that will make the children happy, but also teach them good morals that will help shape up the child while he/she grows up to become matured and very responsible.

It is true that ineffective parenting begat behavioral problems in children. Kids who are products of bad parenting are often characterized with criminal behavior and poor academic inclination. It can as well lead to discouraging the child to attain proper education. It can also have direct/indirect influence of antisocial behavior in children.

Therefore, it is pertinent for parents to put into consideration the future of these children while they are been brought up. They should not be over pampered, and at the same time, parents must avoid screaming at them while trying to correct them, rather device a means of getting them involved in molding their life.

Kids should be talked to in a friendlier manner, as you try to create a bond between you and the kids. Remember that these kids have their personal needs and worries thus, be free with them so that they can open up to you, rather than relating to a total stranger who might lead them astray or give them wrong advice.

Allow them make their choice but advice them about the advantage or disadvantage of any choice they make. Guide them at each step in the beginning, so that they do not stray away from the right path of life.




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