Educating a child is not the exclusive reserve of the teachers alone. Many parents seem not to be aware of the fact that there are so many things they can do at home to help their children acquire good and qualitative education. Let’s take a look at some of the essential things parents need, to aid the success of their children’s education.

Parents are expected to make sure that their children get enough sleep every day. Getting enough sleep will help children get up on time, feel good and be ready for full day of learning. The amount of sleep needed in a child every day vary at different ages which can be advised by a family doctor.

You will agree with me that children need regular medical checkups such as immunizations, dental care, name it to succeed in school. This assignment is to be carried out more by the parents as the importance of a healthy child in academic pursuit cannot be overemphasized.

Good exercise and healthy diet are also essential role for parenting a child for success in school. Children who eat healthy diet and get regular exercise can concentrate better during school hours. It is important that children eat balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and have enough time for fun activity, playtime and other sporting events.

Parents should set aside time to read with their children each day. Make reading part of their daily routines by reading stories at bedtime and keeping lots of books and educating magazines in the house.

Again, parents should help their children get to know the library and what they can find there, including books, magazines, audio tapes like CDs, and DVDs. Libraries also offer homework resources and a quiet place for students to work.

It is equally necessary for parents to ask their children to tell them about the day’s activities in school, ask them what they learned and how they felt during the day. Listen carefully to their answers and help them think of ways to solve any problem they might be having in school work or in the classroom.

Getting the children to school every day on time is another contribution needed by parents towards their wards success in academic pursuit. It will be easier for a child to complete daily lessons, homework, and tests if he gets to school on time every day.

Limit the time your child misses his or her lessons for family trips and activities. Contact the school immediately if your child will be absent.

Parents should help their children to learn at home by sharing activities together, singing, talking, and telling stories. Visit educational places such as museums, the zoo, the park, or a historical monument. Find out what your children’s interests are, and look for activities and books that are connected to that interest.

Children equally need help from their parents in setting regular time and place for their homework. They need to choose a time that works well for each family’s schedule and find a place that is quiet and has good lighting.

They also need to supply their children with writing materials such as such as pens, pencils, paper and a dictionary. Asking the children to show their finished homework each night is also necessary for their assessment.

Finally, parents should limit the time their children spend watching television, playing video games, and using the computer. If possible, do these activities together with them and look for educational programs and games. Help them to understand that they should never give out their personal information on the computer or talk to strangers online.



Compiled by: Joy Nwateh-Leonard



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