Attention Deficiency Hyper-Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopment psychiatric disorder with significant problem of executive functions, leading to attention deficits, hyperactivity or impulsiveness which is not appropriate for a person’s age.

Leaving with a child with ADHD can be overwhelming therefore; parents have a lot to do in the case of handling such child to help control and reduce its symptoms.

In handling children with ADHD, parents should understand very well that they have deficits in their ability to think and plan ahead, organize, control impulses and complete a given task.

These children are prone to engaging themselves in things that can put them in physical danger as such, I suggest in this piece that the following should be considered while handling children with this disorder:

Source of Strength: Parents should be a source of strength to these children by believing in them, upholding their values, appreciating any unique attribute they possess and always giving them a re-sounding compliment. They should always consult their medical personnel about any development in the child.

Liaise with parents of children with ADHD so that they can freely share their feelings and experiences.

Rehabilitation Center: Convenient and suitable structure should be set up in the home so that these children are exposed to certain expectations and task, that is, they are suppose to know what to do at a particular time.

Rehabilitation centers of this kind help the child to adhere to routine activities like play time, bed time, time for home work, time for meals and even the next day routine.

These children are not supposed to be kept too busy to the extent of becoming overwhelming rather they need their own private and quiet space. An extra-curricular activity such as sports, arts, music and evening cooking is advised.

Dieting: Modify what, when and how your child eats including the quantity and quality of food eaten. Try as much as possible to do away with junk food. Parents should include daily vitamin/mineral supplements in their meals, supervise them eat little but more often.

Make rules: These rules made can as well be hung on the wall where the child can easily access and read them. They should explain consequences and rewards associated with keeping or breaking of each rule.

When these rules are kept, a pat should be given on the back of the child and in most cases, rewards should follow. This helps to improve concentration and impulse of the child. Give very mild reaction to poor performance and in cases of completed task, reward the child immediately.

 Rest: Children with ADHD should be encouraged by their parents to often take part in exercise because it helps them relax and sleep better thus, bringing about reduction in ADHD symptom.

Parents should help them maintain early bed time and expose them to green-live recreational centers (where there are trees and grasses). Let the time they spend watching television be reduced rather, they should improve and increase on their exercising habit.

Parents must do away with caffeine and ensure they sustain love and security between them and the children by curdling them for at least ten minutes a day or as often as possible.

Socialization: Children with this disorder must be allowed to make their own friends. By doing this you work on their sense of identification.

Because these children are exceptionally intelligent and creative, they can easily identify friends with same drive or level of creativity by way of socialization. Thus, they should be encouraged to do so.

On a general note, parents/guardian should understand that these children are expected to be built rather than destroyed. Therefore while handling them, they should be gentle in their speech, be sincere in letting them know about their challenges, how to make changes and overcome them. Make fun with them more often rather than yelling and hitting them.

Because you are helping them, you are building them to overcome their challenges. Do not allow them keep play mate with similar deficiency or disorder. Let them have ample time to play and ensure you reward every good play.



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